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Rutger Oldenhuis LLM is an independent experienced and seasoned business lawyer with 20+ years of experience. He has worked as Head of Legal at Shimano Europe B.V. for almost 17 years. He now advises international clients in a variety of legal areas, with a focus on the manufacturing and consumer goods industry. He specializes in product safety and compliance related matters. He is also founder of RecallDesk, a one-stop-shop service provider in the field of product recalls. RecallDesk is proud partner of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry.

rbph | law. Crossing borders.

Judges decide on legal disputes. Attorneys-at-law defend you. I am here to serve a selected group of clients to ensure attorneys and judges have as little work as possible. I do so in among others the following areas:

  • Product safety and recalls (see also
  • Product compliance
  • Product liability
  • Commercial contracts
  • Distribution law
  • Consumer law
  • Insurance law

rbph | law
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